Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You can Drive to Rachel's Tomb

KEVER RACHEL NOW OPEN TO PRIVATE CARS (not just special busses)

As of Monday morning, 1 Sept Rosh Chodesh Elul - no more waiting endlessly for bullet proof buses. Drive to Kever Rachel as easily as you drive to your local supermarket. This is a tremendous breakthrough. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to drive to Kever Rachel THIS MONTH which is a "trial month" as far as the army is concerned.

Directions: If you are driving from central Jerusalem, take Derech Hevron straight south. Pass the Gilo Rozmarin junction and continue straight south. You will reach a Border Police roadblock. Continue straight from there. Eventually, you will see concrete walls on both sides of you. Continue straight to Kever Rachel. Do not turn to Ma'avar Rachel. There are plenty of Border Police around to ask for directions. If you are coming from Gilo, turn right at the Rozmarin junction and continue as above. Info: Shelli Karzen 052 580 2213

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