Monday, January 3, 2011

Classic Walking Tour of Old City Jerusalem

Classic Walking Tour of Old City Jerusalem

I have found the following walking itinerary works very good for most tourists – given that they are relatively physically fit and willing to walk for 3-4 hours.

Start at the Mt. of Olives Rehavam Ze’evi Observation Point just below 7 Arches Hotel.

Couple words of caution: Best to get here around 8:00 AM before the crowd. Pickpockets are around starting in the afternoon so be careful. There are two venues to sit where your guide can give historical overview.

Highlights: Christians: Point out the last day of Jesus from Dormition Abbey (place of the Last Supper/Seder), Second Temple/Southern Steps, Garden at Gethsemane (not visible from this point), Caiaphas’ House (Peter in Gallicantu), Antonio Fortress (north of Temple Mount) and Holy Sepulchre. Dominius Flavit Chapel and Russian Orthodox Mary Magdalene Church –Mention that Princess Alice, mother of Prince Philip of England buried here. Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque, the Golden Gate, City of David…You can see Absalom’s tomb in the Kidron Valley as well.

Then down the metal stairs to your right on the “Pilgrim Path” past the tomb of the Prophets, Micha. Haggai, visit the Jewish cemetery, go into Dominus Flavit…if Tuesday or Thursday 10-12 Noon you can also visit Mary Magdalene Church and then enter Garden of Gethsemane, explain about the Church of all Nations – no guiding allowed inside. Exit, cross the street and talk about the church façade, 4 gospel writers, mosaic by Guilano Bargallini etc. Pass by Greek Orthodox Church – tomb of Mary and St. Stephens church. Walk into Old City through Lion’s Gate….to be continued..

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How I would like to go on a Christian tour in the Holly Land again..all those breathtaking views and historical sites! :)Walking in the footsteps of our lord Christ