Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What recent guests are saying:

Ashdod; the gateway for visiting Jerusalem, what more can be said. Wanting to see the Holy City and simultaneously do some other unique activities I opted for a private excursion with Mark Zober (markztours@gmail.com). I will highly recommend this option as there is so little time and so much to see to include making your way through the thousands of tourists and crowded streets. It is the only way to see Jerusalem unless you have at least a week to spare. I highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to see Jerusalem - he is very well educated, very reasonable, and is flexible and organized. Mark will customize any excursion to your needs. Besides the four main Jerusalem quarters, I asked Mark to have us do the City of David to include all the three underground tunnels. These tunnels were just recently discovered it was a great experience but be ready for some heavy duty walking. I limited my group to a total of only 10 people; maneuver the throngs of tourists staying small is wise. Jerusalem is an amazing city filled with so much history that one day is not enough; however Mark packed in as much as humanly possible for one day

Mark Alan Zober, Ph.D.

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