Monday, February 25, 2008

Itinerary in the Upper Galilee and Golan by Rabbi Mordechai

I spent the day today with a large family (not mine): Grandparents, parents, and a bunch of kids, ages ranging from infant to 10 years old. The parents are chareidi. They strictly forbade any movies. We met in Safed. We drove to Lake Agamon and rented golf carts. The kids had a ball. Some 25,000 cranes and assorted other birds are now there hanging around for another week or so until they continue on their way up north for the spring.

We then took the Daughter of Jacob's Bridge up to the Golan, stopping briefly at the Gadot overlook, and then headed to Mt. Bental. The kids were fascinated about the idea of being on top of a real live (albeit inactive) volcano. They loved running around the trenches and the view of the snow covered Hermon is breathtaking. It's also real cool for people to see Syria from up close.

The pizza in Katzrin wasn't kosher enough for the parents. We ended the day at the Talmudic Village in Katzrin. I found it to be very child-friendly.

Mordechai Weiss

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