Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to our Licensed Israeli Tour Guides 0607 Blog

Welcome to our Israeli Tour Guides 0607 Blog,

I am volunteering to maintain this blog that will be designed as a resource for us as we plan and implement our itineraries. I would like to see this as a "Go To" site where we will check out each other's itineraries, learn from one another on how they turned out, learn about upcoming lectures and seminars, found about about how to acquire addition licenses - eg. tour guide driving licenses, tour operator licenses and other information of interest to us.

The best way to assure we have a useful blog is to provide it with useful postings. I will serve as the blog administrator and will try my best to assure that useful and timely information is found on the blog.

I would suggest that as we take our first steps with the blog that you send you postings to me at I will then review and edit if necessary then post to our Blog. I will then send out the Blog link to the group so that all you need to do is click and go directly to the new posting.

As the postings increase we can then move to having each person post his or her own items.

So, please do consider emailing me your itineraries - planned or alredy implemented. If you have already carried out the guiding experience, please write up what you have learned that we should all know if and when we guide in the same area(s).

Also, please do comment on this initiative...see bottom of blog entries for posting comments.



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