Monday, March 24, 2008

Directory of Taxi and Van Drivers - Need your input

I am trying to develop a list of reliable taxi and van drivers for full day itineraries in and around Jerusalem – including Dead Sea area.

I understand the current going rate is $200 USD/Day for taxi and up to 8 seater van.

I would then like to post this information for our use on our Class Blog

The idea is that if you are seeking a driver you will have an easy resource directory at your finger tips.

Write to me directly – NOT REPLY ALL if you have used driver(s) and have been very satisfied.

We would need the name of the driver and cell phone number. Also let me know if you feel it would be appropriate if us to call and make arrangements directly or if you would prefer we go through you on the first go around.

If any of us use drivers posted on the blog, please comment following your experience about the quality of the experience.

I hope this proves helpful.

Also if you have recent tour guide experiences you would like to share – please send me your item and I will post. You can comment on items directly.



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