Monday, March 3, 2008

Mordechai Guides Ammunition Hill

I received a phone call Friday afternoon from Mayanot in Jerusalem. They requested a guide for 2.5 hours at Ammunition Hill for Sunday, for a group of 12 college students here in Israel on a study program. Yes, Johnny. The program is for women.

My Shabbat reading involved reviewing War of Independence and Six Day war data. On Sunday morning I reserved the English movie presentation at Ammunition Hill. I spent some time alone at the drizzly Mount Scopus observation point reminiscing about the first time I was there with our course (Kobi could spot all the churches, and Nikky complained about the tall guys blocking her sight of view). I also spent one hour alone at Ammunition Hill becoming more familiar with the sight.

All went well. I opened with the news of the deaths yesterday of the 2 soldiers in Gaza. My theme was sacrifice and the price we pay for holding on to this Country. When giving the background information on how Jerusalem was divided, I did the Avi routine of laying out a map of Jerusalem on the floor demonstrating how the Green Line was born. At the memorial plaque for the 36 paratroopers who died on Ammunition Hill I chose a name to tell a personal story. It was the story of the medic throwing his body over his comrade, saving his comrade's life only to lose his own. I recounted how my own 10 year old son acted out that scene in last year's Yom Yerushalayim performance, and how in 8 short years he too will be serving in the IDF.

In the museum, I showed off to another guide that I knew that Rehavam Zevi was in the background of the famous photo of Narkiss, Dayan and Rabin entering through the Lions gate. I concluded the tour from the Mount Scopus observation point, tying in everything we had spoken about at Ammunition Hill. The Churva looks great from there! They were very satisfied customers. And I received $150 for my efforts.


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