Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Expression of Gratitude

Marilyn and I want to express of sincere gratitude to all of our recent guests. We have had the honor to guide. We have been blessed with the opportunity to show many guests who have visited Israel on their cruises on the Celebrity Silhouette. Leslie and Morley, Meryle, Cheryl, Martin and Linda, Zeke and Barbara, Denny and Barbara etc. have organized groups and arranged private tours. Each was customized to meet unique needs. We are humbled by their organizing skills (it is not easy to form groups of strangers and convert them to harmonious groups.) We look forward to showing Denny on Sunday and Zeke and Barbara and their group on Monday around the country. We have learned some important lessons. Listening to the needs of our guests is essential. We remain very flexible when circumstances change. In one case the ship did not dock in the the scheduled port. We had to change drivers and our personal schedules to make this work. Another lesson deals with pace. Some groups have a great desire for adventure. Last week were one of the very first groups to visit the City of David and walk from Shiloam Pool through the ancient sewage drain, where the Jewish fled from the Roman soldiers on hte 9th of Av (July 30) 70 CE at the end of a dramatic revolt. While this was a very strenuous adventure - everyone made up to the top! HOWEVER, there are other groups and individuals who want a less challenging tour. The advantage of working with two tour guides (Marilyn usually is part of the tour), we can divide our groups into those with differing interests. We also have learned that the best way to visit is a private tour for a couple. It permits a lot more flexibility and we can meet many more needs. However this is a bit more expensive for our guests. Again thank you all. We have more land excursions ahead in October and November - there are some open dates still available if you are interested.

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