Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finding Your Way around Tel Aviv

Although Tel Aviv was not really built as a planned city, but rather had neighborhoods added in what often seem haphazard patches, it is still possible to easily get around the city – if you know the basics (as outlined in Geddes’ plan).
Four main streets run parallel to the coast. They are:

North to South

Hayarkon Street (near the beach, where most of the hotels are located)

Ben Yehuda Street (which merges into Allenby Street in the south)

Dizengoff Strret

Even G’virol Street

East to West

The following streets intersect the streets listed above:

Nordau Boulevard (in the north)

Zabotinsky Street

Arlozorov Street

Ben Gurion Boulevard

Gordon Street

Frishman Street

Bugrashov Street

While getting around Tel Aviv may not be as easy as in cities that were built according to a comprehensive urban plan – if you know which streets run from north to south and which intersect them from east to west, you should find getting around the city, much easier.

[Souce: Gems in Israel, April 2001]

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